The Maple Leafs’ coach cracked a few smiles last night—well at least after the game was over. He still has the Mike Babcock face while on the bench. The Leafs now sit on top of the whole league in standings with six wins in the first seven games. It’s a hot start and the whole team has a right to enjoy that, at least for the next two days. Meanwhile, Babcock’s old team, the Red Wings, have yet to win a single game this season.

Until then, smile away Mike. It looks good on you.

Maple Leafs Recap: Putting a Kap on the Kings, Kapanen and Matthews lead Leafs to 4-1 win

You know how sumg I am going to be about being the only voter to rank  Kasperi Kapanen at number 4 on our Top 25? Very smug.

The Leafs next game is Thursday when they host some serious competition in the Penguins. Frederik Andersen has already been confirmed as the starter for that game. Where Eamon McAdam will go now may depend on how badly injured Kasimir Kaskisuo is from that lats Marlies game, something we may find out at the Marlies practice today.

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