Good Morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Today is August 26th and it’s a great date because it means that August is almost over! Real news and things to talk about will begin happening by the end of the week! I won’t have to write 2,000 words on sandwiches or complain I’m bored anymore!

Let’s hit the list of things to look forward to real quick:

Sunday September 1st

This is the final date for the NHL to opt out of the current CBA, which would mean it would expire just ahead of the 2020-21 season, rather than the 21-22. Who just can’t wait for lockout news!

Friday September 6th

The Traverse City rookie tournament kicks off with the Leafs rookies taking on the St. Louis Blues rookies.

Friday September 13th

Leafs training camp opens in Newfoundland after two years in Niagara Falls.

Sunday September 15th

This is the final day for the NHLPA to opt out of the CBA. If either the league or the players opt out, the CBA expires on September 15th, 2020.

Tuesday September 17th

The first pre-season game is upon us! The Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators in St. John’s to close out the Newfoundland portion of training camp.

While all of this is going on European leagues begin play and OHL/WHL training camps kick off.

I can’t wait. Real, actual news and highlights!

For now, here’s what we could scrape together.

The Top 25 is almost over, with numbers 6-1 being announced this week. I can’t wait to see the surprise #1 this year!

The NHL should follow the NBA’s lead when it comes to mental health

There’s a lot the NHL can learn from the NBA.

Thanks for the memories, Pat Maroon

Pat Maroon joined the Lightning over the weekend.

Want to know what that Leafs did this summer?

Real newspapers have now started just publishing instagram photos. That’s blogger turf, back off McGran!

And....that’s it.

But soon!

There will be more!

Enjoy your day everyone!