Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and anyone looking for distractions at work.

Mid-June is always a time to struggle for news to fill up these posts, but you would think that wouldn't be the case with the Stanley Cup Final being pushed back to mid-June.

Jokes on me because there's this big ol gap between series for no good reason.

The Lightning beat the Rangers on Saturday and the Avalanche have been done forever, so why not have a four day gap.

Okay, I'm complaining for the sake of complaining, I thought up until I typed that sentence the final didn't start until Friday. That would be well within the NHLs usual antics so I'm justified.

Anyway, I found these things you can talk about, which you probably did yesterday, but here they are again:

John Gibson wants to be traded out of Anaheim, or not. Depends on who you ask.

Ah needless drama! That's what we're craving.

We finally have confirmation that Dave Nonis will always be associated with "potato GM". If the robots say its true, I guess it's true.

Who Did Better: Nonis or a Potato?

The Canadian U-18 women won their world championship, defeating the USA 3-2.

Finland defeated Sweden to win the bronze mdeal.

Also we wrote some stuff:

The Players learned their escrow lessons long before the league did

I still haven't learned any lessons about escrow.

2022 NHL Draft Profiles: Primer and Resources

Brigs is gearing up for the draft. You should too.

There's nothing else aside from gossip and nonsense happening.


Enjoy your day everyone!