Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Were you on Twitter yesterday? Did you regret it? I popped in after work and regretted it instantly.

People going on and on and on about Auston Matthews not fighting the Flyers and if he should have or if he shouldn't ever fight and how many fights star players have had and shut up shut up shut up.

These are the worst days to be a Leafs fan. They last played on Wednesday, they play next on Saturday, so we have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to over analyze every second of the last game and what did or didn't happen, and despite the Leafs playing their best game in weeks everyone is writing about a couple minutes at the end of that game.

Being a Leafs fan in the internet age is hard, since there are so many of us that anyone putting "Leafs" in a tweet or headline is guaranteed to get clicks of both the interest and hate variety.

We're oversaturated with content to read and way too many podcasts. I've settled on only reading a few people's work on the Leafs and cut my hockey podcasts down to one - yes, it's yours. Congratulations. It's November 4th, and I'm not obsessing over the Leafs performance too much.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed, just stick to PPP and your close friends. Don't let the bastards drag you down.

Now, some news.

Are the Leafs back or are the Flyers just bad?

Why not both?

Opinion | The state of the Shanaplan: Where the Leafs stand on Kyle Dubas, Sheldon Keefe … and Barry Trotz

Barry Trotz?

NHL Power Rankings: How are old faces settling into their new surroundings?

Kadri is doing well in Calgary. Sigh.

I'm not one to call for violence but someone needs to call Binnington’s bluff.

In the parking lot.

On that note, have a great day!