Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and people who love to click on a headline with a question mark in it!

UPDATE: Hi, I’m seldo and I messed this up, because I saw a B name and read it as Bo instead of Brock every time I looked at this. I blame my ADHD riddled body on not being able to focus properly. That’s a good excuse, right? Right? Sure.

Anyway, sorry everyone. I can’t read.

Last night the Vancouver Canucks announced that their captain Bo Horvat the other guy who is likely to be traded soon would miss the game against the Calgary Flames due to “non-covid illness”.

Coincidentally, this comes days after the Horvat rejected the Canucks latest contract offer, which would have paid him far less than teammate and less good player JT Miller.

Canucks focused on trade market after Horvat rejects contract offer -

So, with his missing a game of course we’re all talking about him being traded before or after the holiday roster freeze.

Holiday Roster Freeze — the rules and implications for the Maple Leafs

So now we ask: How can we get Horvat on the Leafs?

Of course we have to understand he’s purely a rental. There’s no chance in re-signing him, but this is the Leafs go for it time and who cares about re-signing rentals?

It will cost a pretty penny for sure. A first round pick and a later pick, top prospect and another one, a roster player. If I mash that all up I’d say...

2023 first (32nd overall), second (64th overall), Topi Niemelä, Ty Voit, Fabrice Herzog, and Alex Kerfoot. But the Canucks have to throw in a seventh rounder to even things out.

So Leafs fans, I ask you, should the Leafs go all in and trade for Horvat?

Should the Leafs trade for Bo Horvat?

Absolutely yes.171
If the price is right.323
No. I’m still stuck in 2015 and we need to hoard picks/prospects for the future.82
No, but grab another rental like Ryan O’Rielly279

In other news, Senators fans love hating the Leafs more than their own team.

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The Maple Leafs are In New York tonight, playing the Rangers. Game time is 7PM, See you there!