Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's game five day here in Leafsland, and much smarter people than I will talk about that later. What I want to show you is the Bruins new locker room sweater!

That looks neat eh? It says "Own the Moment" but all I see is OMEN and boy is this shirt ever an omen of what's to come in a round two match up against the Bruins.

See the letters VG on that shirt? That stands for Violent Gentlemen. A clothing line connected to George Parros.

Yes, the same George Parros who is head of the Department of Player Safety.

Parros focuses on Violent Gentlemen clothing
Parros focuses on Violent Gentlemen clothing

First we had the Colon Campbell fiasco, where he was making rulings on games where his son was playing for Boston, now this? NHL, figure it out.

Ex-ref Warren: Colin Campbell was ‘ruling’ on son’s NHL games
Former referee Dean Warren’s opinion on Colin Campbell or the NHL can’t be separated from their bitter…

Now, Violent Gentlemen haven't said anything about this directly, but they have been replying to people on Twitter saying Parros hasn't worked for them since 2017.

So, I guess there's nothing sneaky going on here. We'll just be seeing the usual NHL favouritism for the Bruins... if they make it to round two that is...

Speaking of! Here's last night's scores!

Florida Panthers 4 - Boston Bruins 3 (OT)
Bruins lead series 3-2

Let's go Panthers!

Seattle Kraken 3 - Colorado Avalanche 2
Seattle leads series 3-2

Let's go Kraken!

And up deck for tonight:

Tampa Bay Lightning at Toronto Maple Leafs - 7PM
Toronto Leafs series 3-1

Hey, Michael Bunting can play tonight, but he probably won't.

What to do with Michael Bunting
Scarborough’s Michael Bunting is back from a three-game suspension following his Game 1 hit on Erik Cernak. While his suspension has been argued to be outside the norm and standard set by DoPS elsewhere in the playoffs, it’s in the past now, and it’s time to move forward. Specifically, where

New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils - 7:30PM
Series tied 2-2

I don't care!

Winnipeg Jets* at Vegas Golden Knights -10PM
Vegas leads series 3-1

Do the thing, Vegas.

Elsewhere around the hockey world...

How Liz Knox is helping to ensure a bright future for women’s hockey - The Toronto Observer
With her work as a podcast host and colour commentator along with her advocacy as a player in the PWHPA and CWHL, Knox is working to improve the outlook of women’s hockey.

Women's hockey is taking off soon with a new league set up by the PWHPA.

Calgary tackles housing crisis by spending $867 million on new home for the Flames
“In a prosperous modern city like Calgary, everyone deserves a safe, secure home. And by everyone, we mean the sports teams.”

Calgary really has its priorities in order.

Construction results in lane closures near Rogers Centre, Scotiabank Arena ahead of big sports weekend
Fans planning on driving to the Maple Leafs game Thursday or the Blue Jays games over the weekend may want to give themselves some extra time to get there.

If you're going to the game tonight, take the train/ subway. Or get a hotel room.

From weird GIFs to a goal-scoring dog bell, here are some Leafs superfans’ quirkiest superstitions
Some rituals last the duration of a playoff series while others stretch on for years.

Hardcore sports fans are an off bunch. We really think our rituals affect the game. Boy that's weird.

Anyway, enjoy the day, and get ready for a great game!

Now where's my lucky hat...