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The Leafs got goalie’d but won last night!

Maple Leafs vs John Gibson, and the winner is...

I didn’t even know that was possible!

There isn’t much big Maple Leafs news going around so I thought I would take a look at the players who left Toronto in the off-season, and see if they made the right decision.

Joe Thornton - Florida Panthers

Jumbo Joe left the Leafs after just one season, where they let him down on his quest for that Stanley Cup. He moved on to the Florida Panthers where he’s on and off the fourth line. The Panthers are ahead of the Leafs in the standings, but was the move really worth it? Probably. Weather’s better.

Alex Galchenyuk - Arizona Coyotes

From the Senators to the Marlies to the Leafs, Galchenyuk worked to get back onto an NHL team with the Leafs and had everyone convinced he was ready to be back in the big league full time. Then he turned down a seven figure offer from the Leafs figuring he can get more elsewhere.

He was wrong.

Now he’s playing for league minimum on a team that represents the phrase league minimum.

Nick Foligno - Boston Bruins

Nick saved the Leafs from themselves. Apparently they made a “big offer” to him to stay, and he said no. Thank you Nick! He signed a 2 year $3.8M deal in Boston, and the Leafs used that money to get a wide variety of players who are doing much better than Foligno this season. Foligno has only played 26 games due to various injuries.

Zach Bogosian - Tampa Bay Lightning

He won a cup in Tampa, so why not go back to help them, get the three-peat. Bogosian was almost a Leaf at the 2019 deadline, but after a lackluster performance against the Marlies zamboni driver Dubas wanted the team to figure it out themselves. He’s had an on and off season with injuries this year.

Frederik Andersen - Carolina Hurricanes

I’m sensing a pattern here. Aside from Foligno everyone has left for somewhere with no winter. Andersen left the Leafs for the team that originally drafted him, and has had quite the season playing for a more defensive minded team. Andersen hasn’t posted numbers as good as this season since he was in the AHL. Thanks Freddie.

Riley Nash - Arizona Coyotes

Part of the Foligno trade, Nash was injured for the regular season and only made two appearances in the playoffs. He’s been bouncing around the waiver wire and is in Arizona right now

Scott Sabourin - Ottawa Senators

Sabourin was mostly a Marlie, and now he’s mostly playing in Belleville, but he went back to his hometown team that gave him his NHL debut.

David Rittich - Nashville Predators

Another better weather signing, Rittich was the Leafs back up after the trade deadline last season, and now he’s the back up in Nashville. Not a bad move, since they’re second in the Central.

There we go, the free agents who left, more or less. Who made the best move?

Who made the best move leaving Toronto?

Joe Thornton111
Alex Galchenyuk6
Nick Foligno29
Zach Bogosian83
Frederik Andersen840
Riley Nash4
Scott Sabourin3
David Rittich27

I voted for Nick, because that was a bullet dodged.

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Have a great day everyone!