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There has been much talk the past few days about how the Chinese health authorities Olympic rules about possibly quarantining up to five weeks if you test positive for COVID-19 while in Beijing.

Maple Leafs Captain John Tavares doesn’t seem like he’d be a fan of being away from home for two months.

So, if we end up with NHL players not wanting to go to the Olympics because of these rules - and sacrificing a months-ish pay - who plays for team Canada? Most likely players who are already in European, Russian, and Asian leagues.

The possible starting goalie for the non-NHL Olympics?

You guessed it, Justin Pogge.

He’s on the Channel One Cup roster, along with former Leafs Taylor Beck and Eric Fehr. The Channel One Cup is a pre-Christmas tournament in Russia, and former Bruins/Canadiens coach Claude Julien is leading the team.

My favourite nonsense tournament, the Spengler Cup, has Devin Dubnyk as the starting goalie, but not much else has been released as the roster.

What's the Spengler Cup?

Now, the question here is, will these players want to risk their even smaller salaries for this tournament? If they don’t get anyone wanting to give up their pay, you look for players who haven’t played all year? This is becoming quite a bothersome tournament.

Elsewhere in the NHL there has been some Leafs on Leafs violence.

Also, the Maple Leafs should stop practicing.

If you had plans to watch the Thursday night Leafs/Flames game, make new plans.

Maple Leafs game postponed

Robbi Fabbri, who was once given up on in St. Louis, just inked a $16 million deal.

Finally, the latest Steve Dangle Podcast starts with a story about me, I’m getting on all the podcasts!