Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s that most special day, the bonus day in all our lives, the day where we’re free of inhibitions, Leap Day!

Stay in your jammies folks, get a comfortable spot on the couch and put on CBC to binge the 24 hour Leap Dave Williams marathon!

There are also a lot of NHL games tonight, and quite a few that will impact the Maple Leafs. Let’s take a quick look at which teams we want to see win.

Game 1 - Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs
7:00PM - CBC, Sportsnet, NHL Network

This is, of course, the most important game. The Leafs have a chance to extend their lead for third in the Atlantic two more points ahead of the Florida Panthers, while also messing with the Canucks and the Pacific Division standings.

Cheer For: The Maple Leafs you dummies.

Game 2 - Boston Bruins at New York Islanders
1:00PM - NHL Network, Spotsnet, MSG, NESN

While it’s always good to see the Bruins lose, if the Islanders lose today and the Maple Leafs win the two teams will be tied in the standings and the Leafs will be able to rely on a wild card spot to make the playoffs as the Islanders currently occupy the first wild card spot. A Bruins win also helps keep them first in the Atlantic Division, which is a plus if you dread seeing Boston again in round one.

Cheer For: The Boston Bruins. Need to catch up to the wild card teams.

Game 3 - Chicago Blackhawks at Florida Panthers
6:00PM - Fox Sports Florida, NBCSCH+

The Panthers are currently four points behind the Maple Leafs and as mentioned above, a loss is what we want for them. Chicago is out west, so who cares if they win, really?

Cheer For: The Chicago Blackhawks. Keep the cats down.

Game 4 - Carolina Hurricanes at Montreal Canadiens
7:00PM - City TV, TVA Sports, Sportsnet East, Fox Sports Carolina

It was bad enough to be all “Yeah, Go Habs Go” on Thursday, but now we have to do it again? I’m sorry, but the Canadiens beating the Hurricanes would help keep the Leafs lead over them at a minimum of two points, and the Hurricanes are the first team out of a Wild Card spot so we’re right in the thick of it withe them.

Cheer For: The Hurricanes to lose. Not for the Canadiens to win.

Those are the important games for Leafs fans to keep an eye on tonight.

Now, here are the links that are important for said Leafs fans.

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Speaking of being on the move, it’s after midnight as I write this, so I’m making the move to bed. See you all in the morning!

Which is when you’re reading this.

So....Good Morning!