While the Toronto Maple Leafs are talking about being just fine with what they have and continuing on their recent trend of not making any moves around the deadline, we’re seeing players rumoured to go to the Leafs being traded.

Toronto Maple Leafs and the trade deadline: don’t expect much

First Eric Staal was traded by the Buffalo Sabres to the Montreal Canadiens right after Marc Bergevin said he wasn’t going to make any moves.

The low risk Eric Staal trade has potentially high rewards

Staal was a big part of the Leafs rumour mill, with plenty of fans wanting him to be the 3rd centre for the playoff run. At first he didn’t want to be traded to Canada, but when the quarantine was shortened to seven days he agreed to go north.

In a trade between two teams that can basically throw rocks at each other, the New York Islanders traded a first and some guys for Travis Zajac and Kyle Palmieri.

Islanders trade for Kyle Palmieri: What does this mean for the Leafs?

Palmieri was another player bandied about by Leafs fans as a complimentary player this playoffs. Another one who those same fans will cross off their list. Who’s left?

Taylor Hall will always be connected to the Leafs, and more so since he bought a home in Toronto.

Thursday FTB: Hall comes to Toronto; how will this affect the Maple Leafs?

Hall could be the Leafs Phil Kessel - a talented player who was never one to thrive in the spotlight while carrying a team, but can be an excellent player when there are many other players to overshadow them on the way to the cup.

Trade speculation: Edmonton Oilers are "in on" Taylor Hall talks, says NHL insider

Another Hall rumour was moving him to the Islanders to reunite with Jordan Eberle, but that’s probably over now.

Linus Ullmark, another Sabres, has also been stuck to the Leafs who have been struggling to put a goalie in the crease consistently.

Nick Foligno is another name attached to the Leafs, because he is gritty, and his dad played for the Leafs. This is the reasoning I hear from the old guys at work.

Then there are various other players who could or could not be Leafs, but we all agree on one thing: They’d be better players if they were Leafs.

Here are some other links I found lying around the internet:

A recap from last night’s game!

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William Nylander missed that game, hopefully due to too much precaution.

Leafs' Nylander out vs. Canadiens due to potential COVID-19 exposure

TJ Brodie scored his first as a Leaf, but we also got another first!

Finally, this clip is from an old Pro Beach Hockey game and I want this to come back next summer.

“PBH games were played with a ball instead of a puck on an outdoor rink on the beach at Huntington Beach, California. The season lasted slightly less than two months in the early summer. Games were taped during the short season and aired on ESPN2 from June to September. The league is infamous for having ramps behind the nets to “increase speed,” angled glass sections attached to the top of the dasher board glass to redirect the ball back into play and a 2-point line that was treated much like basketball’s 3 point line.”

Team names included the Gargoyles, Salsa, Dawg Pac.