Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and — well, since it’s Christmas — fans of every other NHL team. Even the Jets*.

I would normally try and make things fun, and exciting, or make a parody of a song, but uh, I’ve been stuck in a blizzard, with a broken furnace, and an extra retail job, so let’s just take this day where almost everything is closed — godspeed restaurant, gas station, and 7-11 workers — and relax.

Whether you celebrate anything or not, it’s hopefully a quiet day for you. I’ll be hanging out with my puppy, and to a lesser extent, my family. Eating leftovers from dinner last night — I purposefully make too much sausage & apple stuffing — playing new video games with the kids, and trying to assemble the furniture I got for my wife even though I hate building furniture.

I’ll use the rest of the space to thank you all for reading this. The fact that thousands of people click and read the awful things I write means so much to me. Thank you all for being here.

Thanks as well to my much more talented coworkers here, even Fulemin who left us wordsmiths for the audio world, I learn so much from you all.

Enjoy your day, have a great Christmas, and enjoy this video of my puppy from when he was a teeny baby, not a giant one year old monster like he is now.