Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Despite losing to the Buffalo Sabres we have a lot to be thankful for. The Leafs are a top five team in the league, we have a great top six group, it’s supposed to be a warm weekend finally, and you have me, here with you early (but not too early) on this Saturday morning.

What I’m thankful for is my helpful team of co-workers here at Pension Plan Puppets. When I need some news for the morning post they’re more than happy to help, even if a theme fails to appear. They’ll just send a message and PING! a notification. Then another one. PING! Then another one. PING! PING! PING! PING! PING! All the time I’m trying to watch Batman (1989).


Anywhere here’s all that stuff:

Kyle Dubas spoke at Tim Hortons Field, a week ahead of the Buffalo Sabres hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Tim Hortons Classic, in the city where former Maple Leafs and Sabre Tim Horton opened the first Tim Hortons.

He lies about the Maple Leafs plans for the deadline, “oh just one move”, he lies about Jake Muzzin “oh, gosh no, we would never hold him out for the rest of the season”, he lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! You can’t tell the truth this close to the deadline, it will raises prices and spill the game!

Nice Try, Kyle.

Next up, is this clip of an ECHL goalie pulling the ol’ Billy Smith.

FYI, the real Billy Smith once did this to me.

Rasmus Sandin to the Marlies!?

From Katya:
Rasmus Sandin missed practice with an illness, per reports, and then was sent to the Marlies. Meanwhile, Mac Hollowell was recalled. In order to have room on the roster for Hollowell, the Leafs had to remove someone to stay at 23 players.

There is no cap implications to the swap as the Leafs are using LTIR, and it doesn’t matter how much LTIR is used day in, day out.

Hollowell will get his NHL salary while he’s with the Leafs. By the practice report lines there is no indication the Leafs actually intend to play Hollowell, but you never know, anything is possible.

Use that for the FTB, don’t say I never gave you anything.

The PWHPA is in Washington this weekend, and the final game on Sunday will be Toronto vs Botson!

Marc-Andre Fleury to the Leafs?

Probably not, but on the Marek Show or 32 Thoughts that Fleury was turned down multiple trades to the Capitals, and will only go to a contending team.

That's us!

Holy Shit!

Wait....okay folks, this is the time of year to check your sources carefully.

Jason Robertson, the best Robertson brother (he wasn’t a lousy Pete okay), is challenging his brother to one up him tonight.

That’s it!

Game time tonight is 7PM and it’s against the Canucks! Alright!