Good (cough) morning Toronto (sneeze) Maple Leafs fans (blows nose).

It's January so that means two things: 1) The weather is awful, cloudy, and the sun is hiding.

2) Everyone you know is carrying some sort of virus or bacteria that's looking to latch onto you and ruin your life.

I hate January. I'm sick, can't sleep, and every time I move my body decides it's the perfect time to try and cough up, like, everything inside of me.

I can't concentrate long enough to be properly coherent so here are some links and if I survive I'll see you tomorrow.

The Buffalo Sabres retired Ryan Miller’s number 30 last night.

Thank You, Buffalo | By Ryan Miller
Sabres establish Ryan Miller Legacy Fund to support Courage of Carly Fund

Please, no Horvat to Boston.

NHL rumor roundup: Wild interested in Luke Schenn, Bruins hone in on Bo Horvat

Yeah. Sure.

NCC: On track for NHL rink downtown

I don't need to watch this. I'm sick enough.

New documentary: Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard's greed and ego led the team to chaos and ruin | CBC Documentaries

A five for one trade? In that economy?

From the Archives: Aftermath of the Greatest Maple Leafs Trade - The Hockey News

Have a good day everyone!

(Hack, cough, nosebleed)

I'm going to bed.