Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

We’re at the end of February already and two months into this wacky season and the Leafs are on top of the world! It’s great! However, did you know that there are teams other than the Maple Leafs playing games? Crazy, right?

Aside from our favourite team doing great, there have been a few stories happening this year that I’ve been really enjoying.

The Buffalol Sabres

The Sabres have been rebuilding longer than the Leafs and all they have to show for it is Jack Eichel (who wants out), Rasmus Dahlin (he’s fine), and fuck all else. I love it. On top of failing at rebuilding, they have capped out their team, have Jeff Skinner at Kyle Okposo signed for a combined $15 million and two points between them, and went out and nabbed Taylor Hall in the off-season for $9 million and he’s scored one goal.

Keep it up Buffalo, you’re doing a heckuva job.

The Juggernaut Montreal Canadiens

You would have thought the Habs signed Sidney Crosby, Maurice Richard, Bobby Orr, and Mike Richter this off-season if you were listening or reading any sports “expert” talk about them. They didn’t. They got Jake Allen, Josh Anderson, and that’s it. Wow, what a great genius GM Marc Bergevin is.

They lost to the Leafs on opening night then beat up on the two player Oilers, and the Canucks, and people were all “plan the parade!”. Then they met the Ottawa Senators. Now they’re barely hanging on to a playoff spot, Carey Price is no longer a God with a $10.5 million cap hit, but a washed out backup goalie with a $10.5 million cap hit.

They fired two coaches, and then lost the usual bounce back game. What a great season!

Matthew Tkachuk’s meltdown

I know it’s a story that’s been beaten to death, but I still love it. Since this happened, the Flames are losing more than they win, and not looking like a team that has it together. Jake Muzzin is great. It’s even spreading to other players:

Sicko Sens Fans

The Ottawa Senators weren’t expected to do anything but lose. I was coming into this season thinking it would be a place of misery and pain for their fans, but they’ve embraced their role as spoilers and jerks this season - they’ve beaten both Toronto and Montreal badly this year - and it’s being celebrated from everyone:

Is there anything I missed from another division that doesn’t matter? I have barely glanced at the others aside from watching the Sabres fail.

Now, some news!

The ref did come back to the game.

Maple Leafs practised with most of the team, but who will play tomorrow?

The Maple Leafs now have too many players. A nice change.

Jack Campbell could start tonight but Hutch is getting some older gear ready to go.

There weren’t a lot of games last night, but the Rangers beat down the Bruins 6-2 the night after the Islanders beat them 7-2 and that’s just great.

Strome, Kreider lead Rangers to blowout win over Bruins

Not a lot of news happening, but let’s end this FTB on a wholesome note: