It's been a long time since a junior hockey team has done something stupid so I'm sure you can forgive me for complaining about it again.

Yes, three days IS a long time, thank you for asking.

FTB: Can hockey coaches stop being embarrassing for just one week?
Chat about bad coaches, corrupt leagues, and the Maple Leafs!

I am coming close to running out of frustrated people stock photos, so hopefully we go, maybe a week? without having to bust out another one.

This time folks, we go to Red Deer, Alberta, home of the Red Deer Rebels. They named their leadership group for this season and their captain is Kai Uchacz!

Who? You may ask. Well I googled his name and...oh.

Seattle Thunderbirds release 2 players after racial taunting incident involving Black teammate
The players had been suspended for the Thunderbirds’ first two WHL games after team officials investigated a complaint of racial harassment. On Thursday the team informed the suspended players they were no longer on the team.

Okay. Great. Can people learn and change? Yes. Have the Rebels shown us this? No. Should we automatically believe that's the case? That is up to you, however I do not. After all this is the same WHL that has had a coach suspended for conduct before the season even began and hired Bill Peters, someone who hadn't worked in years because he kicked a player on the bench and, the bigger reason, he unapologetically called Akim Alui the N-Word while they were both in Rockford.

Well, he did reach out to apologize, moments before his announcement as head coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes. You know, to save face.

I am begging you. Hockey. Please. Just one week.


Here's some news to chat about.

Easton Cowan is missing the London Knights home opener, but is keeping an eye on things from camp.

In Saskatchewan, a new stick is looking to tell stories while scoring goals.

New hockey sticks aim to spark conversation about Every Child Matters movement in Canada | CBC News
Thousands of new orange and black Every Child Matters hockey sticks are now on shelves of sports stores across the country.
Thousands of new orange and black Every Child Matters hockey sticks now on shelves of sporting goods stores across Canada are meant to do more than just send pucks into nets.
Clay DeBray designed the sticks to spread awareness about what happened to generations of Indigenous children who were forced into Canada's residential school institutional system.
"My oldest son is a junior hockey player and I want him to have a stick so his teammate sitting right next to him can look at that stick and ask the questions about what that stick is about," said DeBray, a Métis man originally from Duck Lake who is now manager of the Snipe and Celly Sports Excellence retail outlet on Flying Dust First Nation in northwest Saskatchewan.

Oh, and speaking of the CHL, they have to pay more than $30M in one of their class action lawsuit settlements.

Judge allows players to make case for rejecting $30M settlement in CHL minimum-wage lawsuit -
A judge will allow a lawyer for two former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League players to file evidence and make verbal arguments about why a $30 million settlement in three class-action lawsuits filed by current and former Canadian Hockey League players should be rejected.
Roberts wrote in an email to TSN that her clients believe those funds can help bolster the amount paid out in the minimum-wage lawsuit. Roberts wrote that she has not yet confirmed if that’s realistic. A lawyer who is not involved with the minimum-wage lawsuit said it’s possible that fund money could be used for the minimum-wage lawsuit, depending on what the contracts between the CHL and Hockey Canada say. Those contracts have never been made public, the lawyer said.
“When we first signed on to this worthy cause, we were promised a monetary award and a cultural change to the system of major junior hockey,” Walter wrote in a June 14 email to Ted Charney, a Toronto-based lawyer for plaintiffs suing the OHL. “In 2019, we entered good faith negotiations with the defendants. We now have documented proof to demonstrate that the defendants were not forthcoming with their financial position, nor can they accept responsibility or implement change given their conduct over the last four years…”

We demand more Maple Leafs! More competitiveness! Are we getting it?

The next wave of future Maple Leafs is beginning to take shape
Competitive windows come and go in the NHL. Bad teams reload with prem…

The PWHL will need to get players from somewhere...

God dammit Senators. Stop being competent.

Sens Hire Steve Staios
The Ottawa Senators have added Steve Staios to the front office as the new President of Hockey Operations.

If the Senators get their shit together and start being a good hockey franchise, I won't know what to do. Don't like it.

Enjoy your day everyone!