Round one of the Oilers and Maple Leafs was a slog. The Leafs losing on top of that was another decoration on a depressing cake of a game to consume. Even Auston Matthews agrees.

I assume the two guys would be Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaital. And Matthews is right. When the Oilers defence is a shambles and they have Mikko Koskinen starting against a team with elite shooting talent, it should be playing to win and it should be much easier than a long sixty minute grind. For more, check out our recap of last night’s game.

Leafs with a flaccid offence vs. the Oilers their special teams can’t redeem

The fun part is that we get to have a do-over of this game tomorrow, and then again next week, twice. At least there is a break in between with the Flames, which, actually that is an exhausting schedule to cram in two games of Matthew Tkachuk. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long cold winter here, folks, and it’s going to get darker before it gets sunnier.

Speaking of that, we’ll probably learn more today about what happened to Joe Thornton, but Sheldon Keefe noted after the game that the prognosis was not good, and he almost certainly miss some games.

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Other News

Evander Kane knows the NHL won’t bother fining him since he has no money to pay it.

Remember the Alex Pietrangelo sweepstakes and everyone breathlessly waiting to see if the Toronto boy would sign with the Leafs, even though pretty much everyone knew he had zero intention do so? That seems like so long ago. I even forgot who actually won in the end. He reminded us last night with a first goal with his new team.

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How boring was last night’s game?

I’d rather watch Star Trek TNG, season one.19
I’d rather watch Star Trek DS9, season one.17
I’d rather watch Star Trek Voyager, season one.12
I’d rather watch Star Trek Enterprise, season one (this is the worst option in the poll, in case you don’t know.)103