Everything felt like a loss that night: the fans, the energy, the dude chasing other Leafs fans with squirrels and despite that, this team gave us a reason to believe. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to do: beleaf.

Lose games they should win? Beleaf.
Drop a couple in a row? Beleaf?
Lose a playoff series you had no business being in? Beleaf.
Be the top team in the division and blow a 3-1 series lead to the Montreal Canadiens; who you proved time and time again you’re better than? Bel-

That one is hard to get out. The Leafs had all the power, all the momentum, and they let it fall between their fingers time and time again. Whether it's from slow starts are horrible turnovers in overtime, it continues to happen.

I saw many fans on the bird app saying they won't watch Monday’s game which will decide who moves on to the second round. But let me tell you something you already know: you’re going to watch it. Whether it’s to have the Leafs prove your pessimism right or, better yet, the rare moment they prove us wrong, it will happen.

My question is whether the Leafs are going to watch it? Are you going to have an out-of-body experience and watch yourselves play, or are you going to dig in on the ice and do it? Are you the team that was being held by Jack Campbell, or are you the team in overtime dictating play?

The biggest lie in professional sports is when a player says they don’t pay attention to sports coverage or social media.

You know what this series means. You also know - and I’m talking to 34, 16, 88, and 44 specifically, the pain of dropping the ball when it really counts.

This time is different. You’ve been the team on the other side who had to fight to Game 7 and lost. Now you’re the team who needs to stop the Leafs persona from completing the comeback.

Stop them. Prove us wrong. That’s all I ask. And if not, I’ll have “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” on repeat.

So, to answer the question, should you, Leafs fan, watch? Yes. Should you, Leafs player, watch? No.

Play and win.

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