Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

What a crazy game we had last night eh?

Recap: Toronto Maple Leafs score 10, win by 3

I’m not going to focus on that because I wrote the recap and I don’t want to do it again. What we’re going to snoop around about this morning is a rematch of the Canada vs USA women’s hockey Gold Medal game at the Olympics this year.

On the 32 Thoughts segment of the intermission last night Jeff Marek, who has had a lot of things to say about this possible game:

  • March 12th, Pittsburgh. PPG Paints Arena
  • PWHPA is working with the Penguins on this event
  • All players would be paid for their participation, something being worked out for the NCAA players
  • Full rosters from both teams.
  • This is the third time a PWHPA event is being supported by an NHL team this year, after the event in Ottawa tonight, and the Washington Capitals supporting the even next weekend./

The PWHPA is in Ottawa this weekend, and something was brought up in the broadcast one of the Montreal / Boston game today by Jayna Hefford.

She spoke about how interest in the women’s game is rising up more and more each year, (watch with 10 min left in the second period, around 1:06:00) especially coming out of the Olympics, how more NHL teams are getting involved and it’s time for some sound long term investments in the women’s game.

More and more we’re hearing news tidbits here and there, whispers about things, but now it’s coming out on bigger platforms, from bigger voices. We should be watching all of this news very carefully.

Speaking of watching things, the Championship game of the Ottawa stop on the Secret Dream Gap Tour is tomorrow at 11AM. Get there if you can, or watch it on Sportsnet.

In less exciting games, the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Nashville Predators in Nashville's Stadium Series game.

The Stadium Series Journals - update #3 Almost Game Time!

It was fine, but it was no 10-7 game that’s for sure.

The Maple Leafs leaked word that they won’t keep Jake Muzzin off the ice if he’s ready to come back before the trade deadline.

If Muzzin is healthy, Maple Leafs won't hold him back

This probably isn’t true but if they say he’s done right now, that will raise prices on any acquisition the Leafs try to make.

The Arizona Coyotes and NHLPA met about next years plans.

Coyotes, NHLPA meet to discuss next season

I’m sure it was fine and well catered and no one was stuck with the bill

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!