Can you believe the number of onions that were cut after last night’s game?

It’s almost as if one was cut for every one of Joseph Woll’s 20 saves. But that wasn’t the tear-jerking part of it, even though it did get the Maple Leafs back into the win column. What made it special was the celly.

For me, it’s always been about the cellys, but this one hit different.

With the Brick Woll in full effect and Jack Campbell continuing to be Jack Campbell, the Leafs finally have two reliable options in net. It’s been a while since that’s happened. And the crucial thing, too, is it leaves Sheldon Keefe room to rest Campbell more if need be.

Petr Mrazek getting injured was frustrating as the Leafs were hoping to see what a true tandem system could do in the regular season. And although Campbell has looked solid despite arguably being overworked, it’s important to give him rest when he can get it aside from a back-to-back.

Woll’s play, especially in how calm and collected he looked against the Islanders, is the safety net in goal that the organization needs.

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