This is it! The final week of the regular season. Yes, it’s really finally almost over. As with every year, we all feel like the regular season will never come to an end so the playoffs can begin, but it really is almost over now.

The Maple Leafs play games on Tuesday and Friday and then it’s playoff time. The announcement of the dates for playoffs isn’t yet known, though it seems Saturday morning is likely as all the teams except for the Jets and Kraken—who are eliminated—wrap up their games on Friday night. There will probably be some rumoured dates coming out from the media even then. There is a John Mayer concert at Scotiabank Arena on Tuesday next week, so my personal theory is that game #1 will be on Wednesday. The only question is which team will be here to play them. The Lightning or the Bruins?

In the meantime, yes, there’s two more regular season games, but wasn’t last night fun? Here’s our live recap of last night’s win in Washington.

Maple Leafs win the shootout, Capitals lose Ovechkin

No more shootouts though, please Leafs. I have to get to bed on time to rest up for the playoffs. Let’s end these last two with wins in regulation.

By the way, our guys are good.

Other News

A ten minute standing ovation for number 10 in Montreal. The whole thing is here!

What do you get as a retirement gift for the guy who has everything? This!

Things getting ugly for Vegas after they lost to the Sharks last night.