It’s been 18 days since the NHL postponed the 2019-20 season.

I’m a lucky one whose routine hasn’t change since I’m working as an “essential” service* so I’ve been going about my business as usual, but I have been struck by the inspiration of getting stuff done around the house. I cleaned the basement, fixed some cupboard doors and installed new lighting in the kitchen, re-organized my tools, re-did storage for portable kitchen appliances (I have a food processor! Who knew?), and only broke three things while doing all of this work.

What I haven’t done, is contribute to this website.

While we’re in shutdown mode there’s not much easy to grab and write and feel like you’re contributing. No previews or recaps to do on auto-pilot, and I’ve been hiding from the FTB’s because there’s no news and what do I do with that?

But I must contribute, and so I’m here to ask you hat to do.

Toss out ideas into the comments and I’ll get started on attempting to being useful around here. No idea is bad, the dumber the more my style.

Thank you all for your help in these trying times.

Now, what little news I could scrape together.

There’s a new episode of Back to Excited to listen to.

Back to Excited Episode 99: Around the NHL (Part 2)

And in case you missed it over the weekend, there’s a new player the Leafs are interested in:

Maple Leafs linked to free agent Alexander Barabanov

[taps fingers on desk]

DId you see this? You probably did.

'I know you from somewhere': Ex-NHLer delivers takeout for his wife's restaurant | CBC Radio

Alright, let’s end this on a high note.

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