Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

The time has come and the NHL has reached Phase Three of the Return to Play plan and the players are gathering and reporting to their second training camp of the season.

NHL releases Phase 3/4 Protocols

Yesterday morning, bright and early, the Maple Leafs announced their roster for the phase three training camp, and there were few surprises in there - aside from a quick swap of Nic Petan for Mac Hollowell, and young Nick Robertson suiting up for play.

Updated with correction: Leafs announce Return to Play roster

There will be lots of health testing during phase three, if you want all the details you can imagine, Katya laid them out in the first link above. The Leafs have four goalies available, like they would in training camp with Kasimir Kaskisuo and Joseph Woll coming up from the Marlies.

We now have three full weeks of training camp to work through, with the first games being played on August 2nd - though the Maple Leafs won’t begin play until August 3rd.

Updated: Details of NHL broadcast schedule revealed

Here at Pension Plan Puppets Hockey Blogging, Kitten Ranching, Ranch Dressing LLC, we haven’t stopped working for you and we (Katya) have broken down the new CBA details for you, all of which can be found here:

2020 NHL CBA

On Saturday we had our second last community vote for the Top 25, as we head into the final five this week:

T25U25: Week 4 Community Vote and Recap

Elsewhere for Leafs news the Hockey News made an all time team for the Leafs just out of drafted players.

Toronto's all-time draft team: Plan the parade with this Leafs lineup - TheHockeyNews

Some other, more handsome people, once made a team out of the picks the Leafs traded away:

The Traded Draft Picks All-Star Team

A call to not fake crowd noise in the arena:

No fan noise: The NHL should leave arenas silent

The Canadiens kicked off Phase 3 with a bang, and reports saw Max Domi is taking extra time to decide i he wants to play.

Report: Multiple Canadiens players have tested positive for the coronavirus

Several players have decided not to play this summer:

List of NHL players to opt out of Return to Play  -

Finally, Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas has an urgent message for everyone: