We learned a lot from last night‘s game. 1) Travis Dermott is looking better and better 2) Reviews are very annoying sometimes and 3) Auston Matthews is a god. All three you probably knew already, but it’s still nice to repeat. Especially when Matthews does amazing things like this:

Just a side note: Are we not allowed to have fun in the NHL anymore? Sure Matthews did the ref’s job in response to his goal getting called back minutes before, but to say it was a bush league move is a little over the top. Let’s just laugh and move on.

Anyway, as much as you can rave about those three things, the Leafs won’t get anywhere unless they cut those defensive errors and miscommunications out of their systems. Nobody’s perfect, not even Matthews, but it’s frustrating to see the team lose when they put themselves in a position to at least get a point.

Matthews and Marleau score, but Leafs fall to the Avalanche 4-2 - Pension Plan Puppets
Jonathan Bernier and the Colorado Avalanche stormed into Toronto to pick up their tenth straight win.

Thankfully the Atlantic Buffer is still working in the Leafs’ favour, which is at 12 points mind you.

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This happened on Sunday, but I can’t believe something like this can happen right in front of a ref and nothing is called.

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Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.