‘Twas the day before hockey, and all through floor
Were the Leafs at Royal York, without Trevor Moore.
See Moore was on L.A., a team who was out
In his place came Jack Campbell, who woke up with a shout.
Jack’s days would start early, before any Leafs’ did
“I need to get them ready!” he yelled as he skid.
Jack jumped to his closet, and threw off his Leafs slippers
And instead put on shoes, which he was sure were much thicker.
With glee he did run, right out of his room
Light in his eyes, without any gloom.
“Hey Matty! Hey Willy!”, Jack said with a chip
“We need to get ready, there’s one goal for this trip.”
As Jack hollered and called, the others came too
First fatigue in their eyes, that became something new.
“Jack’s at it again” Tavares said with a smile
“We don’t play until later, it will be a while.”
“Who cares if it is,” young Mikheyev said with glee
“It’s a day for our friends, for you and for me.”
As the minutes went on, more Leafs went into the hall
Matthews motioned to Marner, to fetch him the ball
It went this way and that, between player and player
Their bond grew with each catch, adding layer after layer.
The ball then took its final flight, into the hands of one boy
He worked hard to get there, and held the ball with joy.
Nick Robertson looked on, at his teammates as they laughed
“It hasn’t been long since then, between now and the draft”
Veteran Spezza walked up, with concern on his face
“You’ve done well young Nick, you deserve to be in this place”
And then came coach Sheldon, taking in all the unity
“It’s time to practice boys, we can’t waste this opportunity.”
Then, one by one, each Leaf walked to the rink
With nothing to say, and nothing to think
Of course there was one thing, and they new it rung fair
With the ridiculousness of this playoffs, the 2020 Stanley Cup would be theirs

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