Hockey Twitter has been a growing power used both for the forces of good and evil. Not only is it where we get our news via NHL insiders, but it’s also where fans in turn share their “calming” opinions on said news.

With Mitch Marner signing last night, there’s already been a frenzy of takes on Twitter about his new deal.

Now Updated with Contract Details: Mitch Marner re-signs

We’ll have more Marner news and analysis of our own in some posts lined up today.

In the mean time, let’s look back at the other 140-character tweets that have sent Leafs fans into a frenzy this summer, in no particular order....

1 - How long again Mike?

Fans are still upset about the 18:48 next to Auston Matthews’ TOI after Game Seven. Perhaps this upcoming season would be different, and by all accounts it still could be, but this snippet of a Babcock interview didn’t help calm the masses.

2 - The Switch

This was as, “Old man yelling at the clouds”, as you could’ve gotten this summer. William Nylander has worn many numbers as a Leaf. In that initial prospect call up after the 2016 trade deadline, he wore 39 switching to 29 for the 2016-17 season.

The $6.9 million forward - which is also triggering to some depending on who you ask - is now sporting 88 for the Leafs, formally worn by (GASP) Eric Lindros!.

The fake outrage behind this was loaded with double-standards. Lindros played 33 games with the Leafs. That’s it. And no one seemed to have a problem with Mitch Marner switching from 84 to 16.

But the Big E doesn’t seem to mind or care as much as some do.

3 - They Gave Up What!?

The Leafs needed to clear cap space and trading Patrick Marleau was one of the first methods of doing so. However, the price to move Marleau’s contract lit Leafs Twitter on fire!

“Why so much!? Dubas doesn’t know what he’s doing!”

It’s true that you don’t see many cap-clearing trades include a first-round pick, but it was a necessary decision. The Leafs were then able to sign both Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson as well as move on to the next step of improving their blueline via Tyson Barrie.

The other, and more tame side, of the response came from Marleau’s message to the fans and his two boys.

4 - “Fair Opportunity”

Ah, remember this? The Garret Sparks trade helped the Leafs restock their LTIR stores by reacquiring David Clarkson and helped fans reflect on the backup’s season.

The debate was whether Sparks got a fair opportunity to be the Leafs backup. Most believe he did considering the Leafs were forced to give up Curtis McElhinney and Calvin Pickard to do it. He was also given his minutes playing seeing 20 games of action during the regular season.

Some of the goals against were a result of the Leafs poor coverage, others were just him, but what made it worse was his tendency to speak his mind.

But hey, he’s in Vegas now.

5 - Nice one Dregs...I mean Darren...I mean Paul

There are way too many Mitch tweets to include here. Anything Mitch Marner related this offseason is bound to cause a storm.

  • Mitch Marner wants a five-year deal
  • Mitch Marner is using Auston Matthews a comparable
  • Mitch Marner is going to practice in Switzerland /

But the latest one has even panels on TSN raging.

Learning of Marner supposedly turning down a long-term deal with an $11 million cap-hit isn’t the easiest pill to swallow. And when you combine this with all the other tidbits that have come out this summer, you have a very triggered Leafs fan base.

Bonus - I Will Remember You


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