Happy Friday! The Leafs have the tonight off after flattening the Panthers yesterday.

Game Recap: The Cannon Dolls proved a tough nut to crack, Leafs win 6-1

Next up is cramming in two games this weekend before the NHL takes a three day break for Christmas. The Marlies are out in Laval for back-to-back games starting tonight. They are back in town to play the Senators on Boxing Day at SBA.


Maple Leafs’ Zach Hyman to miss at least 3 weeks - Katya
There’s a lot of downtime in there, so that’s one positive.

Other News

Cooter has a melt down when he’s told to go get a concussion check after a play where no boarding penalty was called.

I’ll spare you an embed of the video of that shows Connor Murphy’s face a few seconds after this hit. If you really want to see it, you can click here.

Light at the end of the tunnel - Broad Street Hockey
Flyers fans feel a sense of relief that overshadows some pretty blatant missteps in the wake of major changes.

Common Sense to Dallas Stars: Get Tarasenko (or somebody) - Defending Big D
As impressive as it is the Stars have remained on the edges of the Western Conference’s playoff race, more was expected from this team.

Tignish hockey team shows winning isn’t everything - The Journal Pioneer
Moments after Kara MacRae, goalie for the Charlottetown-based Capital District Cyclones, had shut the door on the Aces, she received an extra special nod from her opponents. Both Kara and her mother, Violet Robinson, are fighting cancer.