There’s a lot of odd photos in the Getty archive of Maple Leafs players in odd situations. I guess Vincent Damphousse won a car in that header photo? Complete with the obligatory giant novelty key.

This comes a few days after William Nylander was part of a photoshoot for the NHL European Media Tour which gave us this gem.

Now Morgan Rielly appears to want in on the act. He participated in a promotion for a men’s fashion business and it is quite something.

I have so many questions, like what is going on there in the background between Phillip Danault and Mark Scheifele? I want to believe the photographer told them to pose like that but it took two hours of different angles and shots to get it right. “You’re laughing too hard. No! Now you’re not laughing enough!”

Katya wondered why this photoshoot was done inside a house where renovations are only half complete, which is a good question. Did the contractor bail on the project and has now stopped returning their phone calls? Is there a mold problem? Did they find there was knob and tube wiring that the previous owner failed to disclose when they bought the house? When will the plumbing finally be connected so they can use the dishwasher?

I need the whole backstory here!

And does the house have a basement?


We’ve entered the Top 10 of our Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25. The player ranked #7 will be out at 8:00 a.m. this morning.

Top 25 Under 25: Travis Dermott joins the party at #8
Top 25 Under 25: Timothy Liljegren Slides to #9
Top 25 Under 25: Trevor Moore defies the odds at #10

Other News

Gritty is just warming up.

Auston Matthews is supporting Arizona hockey.

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Happy Friday to all. Only a few hours until the weekend is here.