I find it interesting how we’re creeping closer and closer to that supposed July 10th training camp start date and we still don’t know where it will even take place.

The debates and discussions have been going on for weeks now, but it finally seems as if the league is narrowing things down. Vegas is still in the running down in the states while a Canadian city seems to be an option for the second hub with one of Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton up for getting the gig.

Edmonton wants to be named the second hub city so badly that the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenny, had a “detailed” promotional video made to attract eyes.

Vancouver has prided themselves on the handling of COVID-19 while Toronto is a go-to candidate with the proximity of their hotel space to the arenas as well as access to other facilities in the city.

So who will it be?

Right now, it looks to be a battle between Toronto and Edmonton as Vancouver was seemingly taken out of the running for the time being. Global BC Reporter Richard Zussman broke down the information in a Twitter thread.

You’d like to think a final decision will come sooner rather than later. Although some have pitched the idea of having both Edmonton and Toronto being the hub cities, it seems as if the NHL is dead-set on Vegas getting hosting duties.

So which city do you think is going to be chosen, and why is it Toronto?

Which Canadian city will be the second hub city?


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