With only about 48 hours until the first round of the NHL Draft begins (OK, it’s more like 58,) we await for our fearless General Manager with his fingers tented in anticipation of winning the 4-D chess match by making some moves in advance of his selections on the draft floor in Montreal.

Mikheyev is gonna get paid.



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There are still no confirmed details about what is happening to Ivan Fedotov. What we know so far about the Russian goalie signed by the Flyers to play with them next season is that he was detained by Russian military police on the weekend, then at some point on that same day he was taken to a hospital for urgent treatment of some kind of illness. Unconfirmed reports now say he has been drafted into a branch of the Russian military and assigned to a naval base in the arctic. The KHL put out a terse statement yesterday essentially saying that they have no idea what is happening either.

Statement of the RIHF president

Needless to say, many are concerned for his well-being. The Flyers have not yet issued a formal statement, though they likely are as much in the dark as everyone else.