It was a triple loss night for Toronto hockey on Saturday.

The Maple Leafs lost to the Bruins.

Maple Leafs can’t solve the puzzle of the Boston Bruins, lose 3-2

The Furies were way out in Calgary and lost there too.

CWHL: Inferno outwork Furies 4-1

Finally, the Marlies lost 5-1 to the Amerks yesterday. A large part of that loss hangs on one specific player doing something extremely stupid.

Even Sheldon Keefe piled on, basically calling him a selfish asshole, though with more diplomatic language.

Michael Carc-Oh no! - Marlies lose 5-1 to Americans

The Maple Leafs next game is tomorrow against the Avalanche here in Toronto

Other News

I like the one wobbling pin that finally falls down at the end.

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"Where is all this headed? Right now podcasting is a minor revenue stream for places like TSN and SN. If my habits are any indication of a larger trend, this minor revenue stream is a potential threat to their major revenue stream in radio. I don’t have room in my life for both"

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There are many things wrong with the Ducks right now, but the head coaching situation is the most obvious one.

Skinner’s Dream Season Continues - Die By The Blade
Jeff Skinner has been on-fire since stepping on the ice for Buffalo way back in training camp.

Now this is a BURN.

[Mayry Povich voice] YOU..... ARE THE FATHER!


Meanwhile in San Jose

Last night was Brent Burns 1,000th NHL game. He was awarded the traditional silver stick and Tiffany crystal obelisk (yes, they call it an obelisk). The Sharks pitched in to get him some other gifts as well. The training staff bought him a gigantic bottle of wine, which I’m sure is the super expensive variety, and probably one he likes a lot. Joe Thornton bought him a 2 million year old fossilized shark tooth, which is actually a pretty cool idea for a gift. Also, the rest of the players bought him some antelope.

Real. Live. Antelope.

I have a few questions here. How does one procure live antelope to begin with? Has PetSmart branched out from selling hamsters and goldfish? Are they wild antelope someone bought in Africa and are shipping them here? That would obviously be ungood. Maybe the best case scenario is they were rescued from some exotic animal collector in the US. Either way, they will now apparently go live on his “420-acre ranch in Texas,” which is a interesting number of acres. I am still unconvinced there will be a great ending to ny antelope owned by Brent Burns. Like, seriously, would you put Brent Burns in charge of even a goldfish for a weekend?