Patrick Marleau has been in the NHL for a long time — you might have heard of that before.

He might not be what he once was, but at 39 years old he’s played 1625 regular season games and another 184 playoff games, scoring over 1,153 points in his career. He’s a remarkable guy, physically speaking, to have such longevity at such a high level.

You could see it on display in last night’s game, a 3-2 overtime loss to Detroit, where he assisted on Matthews’ goal and scored the other late in the third to tie it:

The body positioning, the hand-eye coordination... what makes Patrick Marleau so good, for so long? He has finally revealed his secret!

It took him three years to get that strong after he committed to a grueling workout routine:

  • 100 push ups.
  • 100 sit ups.
  • 100 squats.
  • Then a 10 km run.
  • Every single day!/

After a year and a half he started noticing a difference. He became bold, and much stronger. In other words, you gotta train like hell until your hair falls out! That’s the only way to become strong.

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