Well that didn’t take long. Worrying about the Leafs goalie situation has become a familiar pastime for Maple Leafs fans in recent years, but usually we get a few more weeks into the season before the panic sets in. Not this year.

The Leafs new starting goalie signed for this season, Matt Murray, injured himself in a fluke accident at today’s morning skate and is now reported to be out for the next four weeks.

The Leafs have called up Erik Källgren from the Toronto Marlies to cover as backup behind Ilya Samsonov who is the Leafs starter for the immediate future. Källgren was bowled over and then left last night’s Marlies game as a precautionary measure, but he has since been cleared to play, and now will potentially do so for the Leafs instead of the Marlies.

This leaves the Marlies with Keith Petruzzelli and Dylan Ferguson as their goalies and no backups beyond that available in the system.

There’s a lot to unpack here over the next 48 hours for the Leafs, but little time to think about it as they play their next game in—checks watch—about 45 minutes from now! We’ll keep an eye on this through the weekend.