What a game last night, eh?

It’s amazing how that can be used for both games but in two entirely different tones. Well, it wasn’t a 5-0 blowout, so it was a bit easier to settle on the list after two games.

Conn Smythe Nominees:

Right now my top pick for Maple Leafs MVP is Mitch Marner. He added two more points - one goal and one assist - and leads the team in points. He’s a completely different Marner from last years playoffs.

Second is still Auston Matthews I suppose. He had an assist on the Bunting goal last night, I guess we can count points.

Nominee #3 is another concept over player, and kicking the Maple Leafs penalty kill off the list is the crowd at the SBA. Not letting up once all night. Souuuuuup chants after saves. Refs you suck chants. Loud, loud, loud all night and I hate that Game Ops does everything they can to drown out the crowd noise at every opportunity. Hopefully a lot of Leafs Nation makes the trip south for games three and four.

Who is the Conn Smythe leader after two?

Mitch Marner92
Auston Matthews17
Leafs Nation9
Other - I will tell you in the comments. Or not.6


Kyle Clifford drops off my Non-Smythe ballot as his suspension was overshadowed by the return of Michael Bunting, and I’m not one to hold grudges (do not look that up).

I'm giving it to the refs who are clearly obsessed with game management and making sure penalties are even between the two teams. Super soft calls all around all night when they made them and lots of non-calls on penalties.

Everyone is heading to Florida for game three today. See you all at 7:30 tomorrow night.