Are you excited to watch the Maple Leafs first playoff game? How excited? Come on, tell me! I can hear you through the internet tubes!

Well I hate to disappoint you, but if you haven’t been following that closely and are expecting “PLAYOFFS!!1!” to start this week; they don’t. In fact, we still don’t know when they will start.

For some teams in the league, the regular season is now already over as they have played all 56 games. Several more teams will wrap up their season tonight.

Yes, the Leafs have clinched a spot in the playoffs, and even first place in the division, but their regular season still has two more games stretched out over this whole week, and we actually aren’t even sure the playoffs will even start promptly after that.

Since the Canucks lost two weeks to the COVID situation, their disrupted schedule now extends out through Wednesday next week, and because of the Flames victory last night it needs to be played through for now since the Flames still have a non-zero chance of making the playoffs by winning their next four games, so long as also the Canadiens lose their next two games [which is a distinct possibility we all hope for given how the Habs are a terrible team].

There’s talk the league may cancel the Canucks last game or even two games, which are both against the Flames, if the circumstances result in both not having any meaning. There’s also a suggestion those games will go ahead but the playoffs will start before them anyway, but that’s just talk, and not yet confirmed.

What we do know is this week the Leafs will hit the road to end their regular season schedule. First they travel to play the Senators on Wednesday, and then finish the regular season in Manitoba against the Jets on Friday. None of these games really matter in the standings, except for possible very minor impacts on the selection order of the NHL Draft, but we have to slog through them anyway.


Here’s what we had to say this weekend.

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Other News

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Will you watch both meaningless Leafs games this week?

Ya.... no I have better things to do.67
I’ll watch a bit... of one of them.61
I’ll watch both. It’s not like I can go out and do something else.291