Another two weeks, another podcast for you! The Leafs make a promotion, hire an AGM, and see two high level front office members depart. Also, there’s hockey going on! The Marlies are kicking ass and taking names. Fulemin and I talk about all that and more.

Topics include:

[1:24] We discuss the hiring of Laurence Gilman and the promotion of Brandon Pridham

[3:07] What did Brandon Pridham do, exactly?

[12:49] We parse the public profile of Laurence Gilman

Who is Laurence Gilman?

[15:16] The departures of Lou and Hunter

[23:30] What do we know about Mark Hunter’s draft record?

[26:45] Mark Hunter’s large adult sons, revisited

[32:00] Arvind briefly rants about positional drafting vs BPA

[34:19] The difficulties of evaluating draft success, since we only have results, rather than process

[36:30] Are ‘tiny scoring wingers’ overvalued by hockey twitter?

[41:00] How much responsibility to GMs have with regard to the draft record under their watch

[45:46] The insanity of NHL teams not having control over development in post-draft years

[47:01] I anger Carolina listeners again by making fun of Haydn Fleury

[51:05] Shanahan’s most interesting quote about Dubas

[56:01] Do nerds like us project onto someone like Dubas

[58:00] We discuss the Leafs’ biggest mistakes, and whether they can get out of them

[1:03:00] Ranting about how the Marleau deal isn’t inescapable

[1:08:00] What Lou’s Leafs legacy will be

[1:10:30] We finish up with 15 minutes of Marlies!

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, and just about anywhere else. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback! Enjoy the show, and thank you for listening.