This is the first year I really contributed much in the way of writing about prospects. I voted in the last T25U25 and this year too, and boy does it get me hyped up about prospects. So many guys who seem like they have a shot at being something.


Then I got to writing about some of them. I started with Riley Stotts. Next I did some in the teens, and I finished with one in the top 10.

Writing about them really made me realize two things: I am super ignorant about how to really differentiate between a guy, say, outside of the top 25 and a guy who is on the edge of the top 10. If they're not obvious super stars, it's all a big ole' shrug to me.

The consequence of that is I'm also a lot less excited about a lot of the same guys I was sure would become "something".

It's also made me respect guys like Kevin for all the work and knowledge he brings to bear about prospects.

C'est la vie.

Hey speaking of, you can catch up on the T25U25 from last week:

#17 - Jeremy Bracco

#18 - Sean Durzi

#19 - Eemeli Rasanen

#20 - Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Aaand there still isn't any real hockey news. I'm writing this on my phone. It's a weekend in August.

[Checks the timestamp]

Like I said, there really isn't any hockey news.

Have a great weekend everyone!