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Griffith claimed by Florida Panthers

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Leafs continue to make moves to deal with their oversized roster.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After waiving Seth Griffith yesterday, the Leafs wave goodbye to him today. He was claimed by the Florida Panthers, a team surprisingly high on the waiver claim priority list, considering how good they were expected to be this year:

There are some teams ahead of them you might be wondering about. Teams that aren’t scoring goals. Teams that could use a young prospect. Teams called the Canucks.

Griffith will be back in Toronto soon enough if, that is, he makes the Panthers lineup. The Panthers come to Toronto on November 17. Florida is suffering from some injuries and have a little less depth down the right side than Toronto, so Griffith has a much better chance of claiming a roster spot there, so he might get another game in the ACC sooner this way than he ever would have out of the Leafs pressbox.

Toronto don’t so much have depth at right wing, as they have bright shining stars that no one is going to shove out of the lineup and some lesser mortals like Peter Holland and Josh Leivo who can’t seem to break in.

The Griffith move (or some move) was necessary to make room on the roster for Matt Hunwick, who came off of IR yesterday after the game.

That leaves only Josh Leivo to be dealt with. He is technically still on IR while on a conditioning loan to the Marlies. That loan also ran out last night after their game, but he is on the roster for tonight’s game in Lehigh Valley.

This means that loan had to have been extended by two games, and that means the Leivo issue remains a problem for another day. That day is November 19, after the Marlies next home game.