Another work week in the new world is coming to an end. It feels like it has been 15 days since I last did an FTB but it was only last Friday. It feels so strange, but it’s necessary and I hope you are staying home but at least have someone to talk to, like Morgan Rielly who is spending his self-isolation period with Tessa Virtue.

Hopefully you’re eating well like Rielly too.

If you are in the mood for a pasta casserole, I have a great recipe for you, Morgan!

While we are adjusting to the new normal, Kyle Dubas has still been conducting the business of the Maple Leafs. Four players were signed to contract for the Leafs and Marlies this week. showing the wheels are still turning at 50 Bay Street, even if no one is actually in the office.

Leafs Sign Filip Kral, Kristians Rubins to Entry-Level Contracts
Toronto Marlies sign Gordie Green and Bobby McMann to AHL contracts

Tomorrow would have been the Leafs game 82, the last of the season.

Other News

It’s a rough  time for everyone out there for sports media. There have been a lot of layoffs and they keep on coming.

Meanwhile Brian Burke had some candid comments about his time as Leafs GM.

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