Today the Toronto Maple Leafs released their full 2019-20 schedule:

As the Leafs make their move towards finally escaping the first round of the playoffs, they have 82 games to get through. I’m not typing out the entire schedule for you, but here are the highlights.

The Leafs home opener is Wednesday October 2nd against the Ottawa Senators, and if I may jinx them four months in advance, that’s an easy win to open the season.

The first Hockey Night in Canada game of the year is against the Montreal Canadiens, and I won’t get cocky about facing them next season.

The Leafs get their longest road trip out of the way early, with the Leafs leaving for Chicago on November 10th, and not playing again at home until Saturday November 30th.

The Western Canada trip is in December, and includes a trip to visit the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, to kick things off. It starts on Saturday December 7th in St. Louis, and ends Saturday December 14th against the Oilers.

The now-annual afternoon game is December 23rd at 2:00PM against the Carolina Hurricanes.

The dreaded bye week begins Sunday January 19th after the Leafs host the Blackhawks, and they don’t play again until January 27th in Nashville. That break also includes the All Star Game in St. Louis.

The Maple Leafs will celebrate Leap Day by hosting the Canucks on February 29th.

The California road trip is late in the season, March 3rd to 6th.

The longest home stand is March 17th to 23rd, which is only four games long.

The season will end against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday April 4th,

There are 13 back to back scenarios for the Maple Leafs, with four of them involving a home/away game. Three of those have the away game as game two.

You can find the full schedule at