Did you wake up an hour late for this FTB? No, you didn’t. You forgot to turn back your clocks last night! The Maple Leafs played 60 minutes of great hockey to defeat the Penguins. Morgan Rielly scored twice! It was good times for all.

Maple Leafs: 5 - Penguins: 0 — Mo of this please

I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep because you now have the fun task of changing all the clocks on your appliances. My least favourite is the stove. The person who designed the interface must have thought you would set the time whn you first plugged it in, and not an additional two times every year. You use the up and down buttons to change the minutes. You can hold the button, but it changes the minutes at a rate so fast that it’s impossible to get it to stop anywhere near the time you want, so you end up having to sit there and push the button 60 times to fix it.

Go read all of this hockey news while I change the stove clock. The Leafs next game is Tuesday against the Golden Knights back here in Toronto.

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

Women’s Hockey News: Team Canada adds Victoria Bach for 4 Nations Cup - Annie
In a last-minute addition, the Thunder’s 2018 first-round pick is headed to Saskatoon.

Other News


What to Make of the Zacha Demotion - All About The Jersey
Pavel Zacha was sent down to the AHL to get his game right.

Why Golden Knights fans shouldn’t panic just yet - Knights On Ice
Things aren’t going well, but it’s not quite time to ring the alarm.

Players say NHL concussion lawsuit settlement talks advancing - TSN
"A settlement has not been agreed on, the players stressed in interviews with TSN. However, the players said their attorneys have told them a deal could include a cash payout of approximately $25,000 (U.S.) per player, in addition to funding for players to get treatment for neurocognitive disorders."

An Interview with Dave Shoalts – Toronto Sports Media Blog
Dave Shoalts of the Globe & Mail discusses his new book Hockey Fight in Canada which details the process that led to Rogers’ winning bid for Canadian NHL rights.

Brad Marchand gets 14 penalty minutes for being Brad Marchand - Stanley Cup of Chowder
[Species: This is great for the Jack Edwards freak out in the last video clip.]

Predators Sign Rinne to 2-Year, $10 Million Contract - On the Forecheck
The new deal for the Pekka Rinne means he stays with Nashville until 2020-2021.

Player safety is going to be busy.

Zuccarello deserves more respect - Nettavisen [in Norwegian]
This is in Norwegian, but Google translate tells me they they think Mats Zuccarello is being treated poorly by the Rangers staff. The most recent insult came this off-season when the Rangers coach Quinn made a trip to Sweden to visit Henrik Lundqvist in Gothenburg. Zuccarello was available at his home near Oslo, only a 3 hour drive away, but was never told of the visit. The Rangers coach later said to the media that he did not actually know where Norway was, or that it shared a (very long) border with Sweden. Kyle Dubas would never make that mistake!