The Leafs placed Jhonas Enroth on waivers yesterday, saying a change was needed.  Today at practice, Antoine Bibeau was on the ice.

At 11:30 or so we learned that Karri Ramo is now on the payroll.  Sort of.

This is a clever move that lets the Leafs see if Ramo really is the real deal without using a contract spot for him.

The Marlies are about to go on a road trip, so unless someone chooses to cover them on the road, these games will be without the press attention they get at home. And a couple of AHL starts might show if Ramo is any better than Enroth.

Finally at noon today it was announced that:

With no once claiming Enroth, moving him to the Marlies is the next step. This creates an interesting dynamic on that team to say the least.  Garret Sparks started both games on the weekend, his first two starts in quite some time.  Jeff Glass is still there on a PTO, and he’s started two games now.  Even if Bibeau is called up to back up Frederik Andersen on a long-term basis, that still leaves four goalies kicking around in the AHL with the addition of Ramo.

Of course, the opportunity is also there for Enroth to rehabilitate his game and his image, and in hockey what is true today isn’t always true tomorrow.  I heard someone say that recently.

The Leafs still need some kind of goalie on the team to backup Frederik Andersen.  That might be Bibeau in the short or long term, or this might just be the first domino to fall, and Ramo will end up on the Leafs.

It’s also worth mentioning that at some point the market price for goalies that meet the requirements to be exposed in the expansion draft may go up. Lou Lamoriello’s goalie emporium and discount winger shoppe is always ready to make a deal.

And the official word is:

Both Enroth and Ramo are on the Marlies roster and Bibeau is on the Leafs roster.  There is no guarantee both new Marlies travel with the team and get in games, however.