That’s it. The Leafs are done for the season. Their playoffs trajectory derailed by a lack of offence and defence, and give-a-shit when it was needed outside of four minutes in one game. There are no excuses left to explain this away again. This was a terrible ending, and it rests on the shoulders of the whole team, and the coach. I feel the same immense disappointment now as I did last night.

Here’s our recap of the game.

Columbus shuts out the Leafs, advances to face Tampa Bay

I’m sure the Leafs feel bad about it.

And I’m sure Jason Spezza feels bad about choosing to sign here. Bitter? Yes, I am. There were player comments after last night’s game, but they were of the short and pointless variety. “It’s disappointing,” “it’s definitely a bad feeling,” etc. Nothing really worth covering. What we need is finger pointing! You can do so in the poll below.

Draft Lottery 2.0

There’s a possible silver lining to this loss and his name is Alexis Lafernière. The Maple Leafs have a chance to win the second draft lottery tonight and pick up the young hockey phenom touted as the next generational talent. A very small chance. But, still!


What do you think of hockey with no fans? - Katya
Do you miss the people banging on the glass?

Maple Leafs Jesper Lindgren loaned to MODO - Katya
Allsvenskan team is his old home club.

Other News

Adam Comrie dies in motorcycle accident at age 30 -
An AHL journeyman who faced off against the Marlies many times in the past few years has died in a tragic accident.

We’ll have full coverage of Draft Lottery 2.0 this evening, as well as a new episode of Back to Excited, and a full breakdown of everything about this playoff series through the course of this week. And we aren’t going anywhere after that either. We have more coverage of draft candidates in the queue too.

We are happy to have all of you here with us as we get through this long slog of a Leafless playoffs and the business of the future of the team. You are why we are here, and we all thank you for your support in this idiotic terrible no good stupid year.

Point fingers! Who is at fault?

The forwards earning a gazillion dollars.652
Kyle Dubas constructed a bad team.659
Sheldon Keefe isn’t up to the job.74
You gotta make more saves, Freddie.149
You know you’re a defenceman, right Morgan?49
The refs - it’s always the refs.38