There was an almost bomb-shell late last night about a potential three-way blockbuster trade between the Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators, and Nashville Predators.

But wait! The insiders couldn’t help but continue to change their tunes about what didn’t happen.

I can’t remember the last time a three-way trade of ANY kind happened, let alone one where three significant players (or not?) got exchanged between three times. I’m just thankful that this deal didn’t happen, as it certainly seems like Ottawa would have wound up making out like bandits in that deal.

Thankfully, it fell through and we can continue to laugh at them for continuing to be mediocre (he said, nervously).

We put together a list of the best plays from the Leafs’ season so far, which if you haven’t already seen is worth reliving. Spoilers: if after watching Matthews’ videos you are still aroused after four hours see your doctor.

After that list was put out, Matthews went and absolutely dangled noted shit-head goalie Jonathan Quick out of his diapers in one of his two penalty shots from Thursday night.

New POP writer Omar with a fantastic debuted on what he thinks it will take for Babcock to win a Jack Adams.

James Mirtle from The Jock points out that two of the Leafs’ hand-wrungiest signings this off-season have been pretty awesome. Marleau has 5 goals and 4 assists plus a cool 54.31 CF% at even strength, and Ron Hainsey has 9 assists and an even better 55.69 CF% (possession numbers from Corsica).

From MLHS | ICYMI, Garrett Sparks set a Marlies franchise record for all-time shutouts by a goalie in their win over Laval this week.

The Leafs Nation writers all share how panicked they are about the Leafs’ recent run of losses if you like roundtables.


In sad news, news came out that Kerry Fraser was diagnosed with cancer. Yeah yeah high stick etc, but fuck cancer.

The Oilers beat the Devils 6-3 thanks to McDavid, who is pulling away from Zach Hyman to Fulemin’s fury. But you know what’s even better than three assists? Not scoring any points but racking up those Truculent/60 stats.

Have a great Saturday y’all!

Who do you think would have won the Duchene-Turris-Ekholm trade?

We fans who just want some gosh darn significant trades like this to actually happen more often!60