There were early highs and some late lows, but by and large, our Toronto Maple Leafs had a successful opening month, in which they scored approximately nine hundred goals and even occasionally played defence.  Here are our favourites from each game.

October 4th: Toronto Maple Leafs 7, Winnipeg Jets 2

This was a fun game all around.  We’re going with Patrick Marleau’s first goal as a Toronto Maple Leaf, just a lovely little reception and deke here.  He sure doesn’t look 38 years old to me.

October 7th: Toronto Maple Leafs 8, New York Rangers 5

Come on, Zach Hyman finally shows off some finish and you expect me to leave that out?  In my defence, this is also the most Hyman goal of all time because dude does.  Not.  Quit.

October 9th: Toronto Maple Leafs 4, Chicago Blackhawks 3 (OT)

Hahahaha Auston Matthews is a Toronto Maple Leaf

October 11th: New Jersey Devils 6, Toronto Maple Leafs 3

Devils are red/Toronto is blue/how is Dominic Moore/out here scoring on you

October 14th: Toronto Maple Leafs 4, Montreal Canadiens 3 (OT)

A fun fact about William Nylander and Auston Matthews is that they are the best.  Also, EAT IT HABS

October 17th: Toronto Maple Leafs 2, Washington Capitals 0

It isn’t the prettiest goal on the list, but believe me, finally getting a puck past Braden Holtby this night was enormously satisfying.

October 18th: Toronto Maple Leafs 6, Detroit Red Wings 3

Two particular things about yet another Matthews goal: a) the announcers mentioning he’s coming off a rare night without points just before he scores, and b) oh my God I think he ate Jimmy Howard’s soul.

October 21st: Ottawa Senators 6, Toronto Maple Leafs 3

A Leafs highlight package without a Nylander snipe?  No, that wouldn’t do.  Man, what a shot.

October 23rd: Toronto Maple Leafs 3, Los Angeles Kings 2

Let’s diversify a little bit here.  This one isn’t a goal and so we’re reliant on a gif, but the work by three extremely good offensive players to get from behind their goal line to set up in the o-zone on the power play is just gorgeous to watch.

October 26th: Carolina Hurricanes 6, Toronto Maple Leafs 3

It wasn’t the finest month of Frederik Andersen’s career, but his harshest critic would have to admit he faced a brutal barrage of shots, and he made some absolutely gorgeous saves.  This might have been his best, a glove hand to rob what looked like a dead-certain goal.

October 28th: Philadelphia Flyers 4, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

Ignoring Jim Hughson botching the hell out of the call, Nazem Kadri makes a superman dive to chip this one into the net, in a game where he was outstanding and his team was not.

October 30th: San Jose Sharks 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 2

It was too little too late, but it’s fun to include this one, because—despite the video title—it was Andreas Borgman’s first NHL goal.  It’s been a nice start to the year for the big man.

Bonus: Timothy Liljegren’s First AHL Goal

This was a fun little shot, and was part of what’s shaping up to be an extremely productive rookie year for our 18-year-old defence prospect.

What’s your favourite highlight of the month?

Marleau’s first goal vs. Winnipeg6
Hyman’s first goal vs. NYR7
Auston’s GWG vs. Chicago70
Dominic Moore’s goal vs. New Jersey0
Auston’s GWG vs. Montreal54
Brown’s GWG vs. Washington1
Matthews breaking Jimmy Howard’s spirit and GAA vs. Detroit19
Willie’s snipe against Ottawa2
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, on the powerplay we go vs. Los Angeles2
Freddie’s hero glove save vs. Carolina5
Nazem’s second goal vs. Philadelphia0
Borgman’s first career goal vs. San Jose2
Liljegren’s first AHL goal3