After what seems like a  much longer than normal playoffs, though it wasn’t, the Stanley Cup will finally be handed out tonight. One of the Blues or Bruins will become champions.

I think you know which team we here at PPP want to win this one. The game time is 8:00 p.m.

The end of the playoffs opens the door for announcement of trades and player contract signings. The Maple Leafs are expected to have a few of those. With all tho noise around a few specific players some have speculated a deal is possibly already done, but the announcement is being held back out of respect for the end of the Raptors season. The next week could be a very busy one.

For now, sit back and watch the Bruins lose.

Other News

The League and Players Association had a meeting of their joint competition committee yesterday and the news of some proposed changes has started to leak out.


The order for breaking a tie in points at the end of the regular season is changing.

You can find a more detailed list of changes here, including some minor changes to rules about helmets coming off during play (go back to the bench immediately,) and some tweaks to the puck out of play and delay of game rules.

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