While the Toronto Maple Leafs have remained quiet as the summer rolls on, the last few NHL free agents continue to find sign new contracts, but there are still a few recognisable names out there. Zach Parise is still holding out to find a new place to play after the Wild bought out his crazy contract and sent him packing. I had a double take on his age at 37 years-old. I knew he had played a long time, but it was still jarring to see. Perhaps it’s the fact that I just turned 40 that’s catching me off guard. It’s rare now to see NHL players close to my own age, though the Leafs can fix that one by bringing back Joe Thornton at 42 so there’s still actually someone on the team that’s older than me.

Speaking of free agents with a Leafs connection, Alex Galchenyuk is also out there too. While it was anticipated that he would leave the Leafs after his successful rehabilitation season, he doesn’t appear to have found a landing spot. Perhaps he will circle back with the Leafs for another one year and budget-friendly deal to try and further prove himself.

Another unsigned player with a Leafs connection is Tyler Bozak, or should I say Stanley Cup Champion Tyler Bozak! Could he be the next Jason Spezza for the Leafs, teaching our wee little prospects how to be good professionals?

Perhaps not.

As we wait for the Maple Leafs to use up that last few million of salary cap space, I hope you enjoy your summer weekend. We will be back on Monday to kick-off the annual PPP Top 25 Under 25.

Other News

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Which ex-Leafs player from the 2013 team would you want to come back in their late 30’s for a final NHL season on a team-friendly contract?

Tyler Bozak91
Phil Kessel108
Nazem Kadri249
Jake Gardiner10
James Reimer26
James van Riemsdyk155
None of these! Not even for league minimum salary.90