Maple Leafs (7-3-0) vs. Flyers (5-5-0)
7:00 pm ET
Air Canada Centre
TV: CBC / NHL Live (Free Game)

Our game preview is here.
Broad Street Hockey's preview is here.


Does the fourth line even matter? Katya clearly doesn't. "The job is not to roll out there as a line just exactly like the top nine on the Leafs. If you really want to see a team roll four lines, watch the Marlies."

The nerds try to explain the game using numbers. Hah. Nerds. "Leo Komarov dishes out a huge amount of punishment, but takes very little back, possibly because he doesn't have the puck very much."

Get your drinks, snack, and refills ready between periods because this could be a game where its 4-0 before the Platinum Seats get settled.