So we know there will be an NHL season. And we know it will be 56 games, and probably start on January 13th, or a day near that.

But there’s so many details they have to work out on scheduling and COVID protocols, and how will they even manage trades this season between Canadian and US based teams? Reportedly, these will still be allowed, but that could create an awkward situation. Elliotte Friedman shared some information yesterday on the radio.

[Audio only] Elliotte Friedman: Divisions, start dates and playoff formats

Meanwhile, we await the start of the World Junior Championship taking place in Red Deer in two weeks. The international teams are flying in today, but, as we reported on yesterday, Nick Robertson will not actually join Team USA in Red Deer.

Nick Robertson could miss the WJC

Other News

A trade! How long has it been since one of those? And it even involves an ex-Maple Leaf

The World Juniors are coming up so let’s walk down memory lane and argue about the best gold medal game goals ever. Then laugh at how Rasmus Ristolainen gets mentioned.

The Lightning are up to some cap shenanigans.

And, this is one unusual arena name in Quebec. It sounds more like a Winnipeg name.