Toronto Maple Leafs development camp is well under way and all eyes have been on the top prospect in the organization, Nick Robertson. The 19-year-old had an expectation resetting season last year with the Toronto Marlies, revealing that his all-around game needs some fine tuning.

Hayley Wickenheiser, who has been pulling shifts at the hospital alongside running the camp, gave Robertson some instruction on those fine tunings. While it is admirable for Robertson to rely as he did below, it’s Hayley Freaking Wickenheiser he’s talking about and he would do well to listen and say, “yes, Doctor.”

My overall impression of Robertson last season was that he was trying to do so much, but got little done. The efficiency of his actions was really low and it just looked like he was forcing it. For Robertson to dial back his full-steam-ahead energy for a more calculated approach on the ice, it would probably mean fewer times he skates himself into a corner without anyone around to help him get out, it would greatly improve his transition game from a junior-style individual task to a pro-style system.

Nick, Listen to Wick, and for the love of dog do not brush aside advice like that, even if the quote sounds cool and macho.

Here are some photos from Dev Camp. I must warn you that the Getty photos we received had Robertson listed as “Nate Robertson” and not his actual first name. One can only imagine what other kind of spelling errors there are.

Speaking of spelling names wrong, Lance Hornby hasn’t seemed to notice that Riley McCourt’s name is not Riley Court, as he’s published not only a tweet but an article with that name. McCourt has been with the Marlies for two years, I didn’t think this job was that hard, especially if you’re getting paid a salary to do it.

The Toronto Raptors have been granted access to come back home and play at Scotiabank Arena this season. Welcome back, Champs! [680 News]

How many fans can be in attendance, however, is still to be determined.

“We are optimistic regarding our ability to host full capacity events at Scotiabank Arena,” the spokesperson said.

The Raptors will open their preseason against the Philadelphia 76ers on Oct. 4 – their first game at Scotiabank Arena in more than 19 months.

The Raptors announced a five-game pre-season schedule on Friday that includes two home appearances. They’ll also host Houston on Oct. 11.

Will Scouch published his Prospect Pyramids for all 32 NHL teams yesterday, including for the Leafs. I have to say I was very surprised with the placement of SDA (higher). Rindell (lower), and a few others. [Scouching]

“The supporting cast is also strong, people seem to think the clock has run out on Timothy Liljegren, but I’m still optimistic, considering he’s been learning in pro hockey for four seasons now and always a bright spot on an up and down Marlies roster. Is he the top-5 pick many thought he was in 2016? No, but a serviceable defender down the Leafs lineup? I could see it.”

In signing news, the Calgary Flames got worse signing Erik Gudbranson and Michael Stone to one year deals. Alex’s brother will make $1.95 million all of a sudden despite being pencilled in for a PTO, and Stone gets league minimum.