Official Vote Summary - Week Four

10 - Matthew Knies

Weighted average: 9.1

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Matthew Knies debuts at #10

Last week, we saw how Mikhail Abramov marked a big jump in votes, putting the top 11 into a separate category. Matthew Knies is barely ranked above Abramov, but everyone had him at eight, nine or 10, marking him out as the more intentional boundary player.

9 - Travis Dermott

Weighted average: 8.7

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Matthew Knies debuts at #10

These results certainly explain the difference between the official list and the Community Vote regarding Dermott. It’s hard to find anyone who can say why it is they think he can do more in the future than he’s done in the past, however.

8 - Roni Hirvonen

Weighted average: 8.6

Top 25 Under 25: Roni Hirvonen is #8

Barely ranked above Dermott by an amount not worth noticing, exactly half the voters had Hirvonen above and the other half Dermott, but both sets of votes were highly volatile with both players snagging a fifth place ranking from one voter.

7 - Topi Niemelä

Weighted average: 8

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Topi Niemelä is #7

Niemelä and Hirvonen were drafted with the same pick (after a trade down) and have been joined in everyone’s mind since. This over half a point separation is a bit misleading, since one person ranked Niemelä fifth, like Hirvonen and Dermott, and the spread in votes was similar. This is nearly a three-way tie.

Community Vote

This week, the Community Vote shows the most alignment with the official vote we’ve had to date.

10 - Roni Hirvonen

Weighted average: 13.85

We all have Hirvonen in about the same place, but the official vote has him firmly in the top 10 and your vote has him only one point higher than Knies who was 11th.

9 - Topi Niemelä

Weighted average: 13.02

Not surprisingly, Niemelä is nearly tied with Hirvonen here as well.

8 - Joey Anderson

Weighted average: 12.32

It’s not so much that the Community Vote has Anderson much higher, it’s that you actually have more players in your group that sits below the serious prospects and NHL players.

7 - Rodion Amirov

Weighted average: 7.88

And here’s the big point of divergence. Your list has a top seven, not a top 10 or 11. You have very specific prospects you ranked lower by a large amount, and then Amirov, is the lowest of that top seven.

Next week’s official list is six names, so the Community Vote will be revealed along with it. We’ve already seen there is marked disagreement, since you have Travis Dermott swapped with Rodion Amirov in your ranking order vs the Official list.